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Not just your average Artist

I love art, illustrating, writing, painting, amigurumi, knitting. sewing, etc. I am your Multicrafter Wonder Woman mom!


Canadian Author Lizy J Campbell

Canadian made with a touch of maple syrup and fueled by bacon, she aims to capture the young minds of tomorrow with her children’s books and inspire others to live the dream of doing what makes them happy.

From Poetry to an exciting novel and of course artwork, you can always find her deeply involved in creating the next masterpiece of her own ever-evolving dream of being the best version she can be in this moment.

List of books currently published with Pen It! Publications LLC, and self-published. Herbaceous children series 8 in total more coming. Other children’s books: 3. 1 Novel and two Poetry books.

One adult coloring book collaboration of artists as a charity book for mental health, Self-published.

AND More on the way too so stay tuned!

Ask about ghostwriting your next book.


Expert in Illustrating, bringing your book to life. Book formatting for KDP so you can upload it yourself! Ebooks etc!

Pet portrait Artist

Customized pet portrait paintings from photos and altering adding or meshing photos together to bring you your vision of your art. I also do watercolor house portraits, and custom art such as guitars, toy boxes, and more.


Handmade items, made with love

LizyC’s Creations is a one-of-a-kind drop-and-shop for all your artistic needs.

Find me everywhere online: https://linktr.ee/lizzywhothefunkc

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together to create your book, Pet Portrait etc.

Cornwall, Ontario

Opening Hours

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