What makes a good to elite from ok to wow factor

When choosing the name of my new publishing company I decided right from the start to insert a word that defines ordinary to extraordinary.

Elite. The word elite is defined in the dictionary as : pick, cream, la crime de la crime, flower, nonpareil, elect; high society, jet set, beautiful people, beau mode, Haut monde, glitterati; aristocracy, nobility, upper class.

I myself wasn’t looking to snub my nose at people but rather choose the best of the best in my search for a great writer who wants to become an author.

Someone who knows that I will value their work in the highest regard and will back the work and help them on the journey to solidify there dreams of becoming an author.

My publishing company is in no way shape or form competition with my current employer and my publisher of several other books I’ve published with them and am in contracted with. Rather it is a separate union all together. So let’s make that crystal clear.

My company will be targeting Canadians for the most part and if I come across a gem I will consider publishing them regardless of their location. But this would mean that they have something I’ve never ever come across before. A gem is definitely the best way in which to describe it.

People are asking in what capacity as a publisher am I offering my services. Well I am as I said helping Canadians get a leg up on publishing. Either traditional or indie or self publishing. So they have options and control over their outcome.

Let me better explain, if I come across a submission and it’s something I stand behind I will add the offer to publish traditionally as I feel it will sell and is in conjunction with my brand of authors books I would love to work with.

My company is not even a week old and already people are reaching out and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those who’ve wanted to help me spread my wings ad get this business off the ground.

I want to especially send a special thank you to the publishing company Hear Our Voice, who emailed me and gave me exceptional information to help market our authors here in Canada and shared knowledge of the business. I can’t thank them enough. And it was freely given.

So this is it, I don’t have any fall back plan or other thing I’m working on. I’ve decided to put 110 percent all in to making this work.

I honestly love helping people making there dreams of becoming an author come true. In every capacity, whether its illustrations or formatting it for them so they can upload it themselves, whatever it is. I am more than happy to help I’ve always loved seeing and hearing the joy that comes from it and it will continue to push me to help those who wish to help themselves.

So by now I hope you are good and curious as to what I’ve named it lol. My company is called: The Elite Lizzard Publishing Company.

And we are now open for business. Please feel free to send me an email even if you aren’t from Canada. I can help you find a company in the USA that is taking on submissions.

Here’s my link to my website: https://theelitelizzardpublishingcompany.ca/

I look forward to hearing and reading the wonderful books you’ve created! Let’s make some magic!

Published by Lizzywhothefunkc

Home site: https://lizywhothefunk.blog/ Home grown from Ontario Canada, a city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan. Always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. As a child, a sponge absorbing the world and all in it, I then became a mother of two. I realized that life is too short not to want to be all the things you dream of. Because of it, I have now decided that nothing is more important than being who you are and loving yourself and all that you do. Discovering things all over through child’s eyes and wonder on my own, I am reborn again and refreshed. Eat breathe sleep art. Kids are inspiring me to discover the new and unchanged part of the creative me now morphing into Lizzywhothefunkc. Pushing to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries of art. Lost in color, lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self-worth down and be someone who reflects only another. Be free, be whom you want to be, most of all be happy. I am and never have been happier than I am right now the present moment. Don’t ever let go of what you think will bring out your soul. A fire has been lit within and I will never put it out again. Headphones on world out, this funky lady is Dj for her own life song.

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