Books in bookstores. How to get your book seen

So I guess the epitome as an author is seeing your book in stores. And agreed that it is exciting to get your book at the shop.

When you get a book on consignment the marketing of your book does not stop there. Think about it, your book is sitting there with hundreds of other books. What’s setting yours apart? Who’s talking about your book now? Who’s going out of there way to go get your book?

Unless you consistently sell and market more awareness for your book to be in a store simply having on sitting there is no awesome feat.

Book store owners want to see books moving off the shelves. If they aren’t moving they won’t be staying on the shelf for very long. That’s just the reality.

Emailing bookstores directly and giving them a pdf copy for them to view if you are out of reach is a great way for them to see your book and decide if it is something people would be interested in. It helps to go to the shops but the big shops don’t have time, they need to see it, see sales online and reviews.

This all comes down to you as the author and your publisher, your publisher can only do so much from the area they are. But it is up to you in your area to get everyone hyped and pumped up about your book.

The publisher can send samples of the book to bookstores yes but the author is the real marketing agent on a quest to get sales generated online and places where proof can be seen for potential bookshop owners.

Book signings at large stores allow the author to gather fans and let them know they will be available at the location and it drives sales of your book but for them they know your fans will ultimately come into the shop and possibly buy something else too.

So they like it, just make sure you got enough people wanting to come to see you for a book signing otherwise it could be a slow day.

To expand the reach and potentially get your book into stores you have to get the farthest reach in every format, ebook on Kobo, KDP and on other huge print on demand services who will buy from the retailer directly. Most store owners prefer it this way so they can but at their leisure and offering the owner the highest return of profits.

So now that you’ve got the low down on todays market just how to illustrate make covers and format this book can you want to publish can become quite pricey and time consuming.

Luckily there are companies who offer reasonable prices to do all this work for you, including my new company that is dedicated to helping writers become amazing authors The Elite Lizzard Publishing Company.

If you want to be in charge and get 100% royalties then self publishing is the way to go. We are looking to help everyone for self-publishing worldwide. 🌐 💜

If you’re interested give me shout, I can answer your questions and you can also submit on my website to gain more options as an author if I like the book.

Website is here:

And my email to talk to me directly is :

I look forward to hearing from you soon and reading your submissions! Traditional publishing is only offered to selected Canadians at this time.

Happy Easter weekend!

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