Editing and editors

So I have books I’m looking at publishing and I send authors to editors to get there stories perfected.

When dealing with an editor a fundamental thing to remember when deciding on an editor is are they well versed in various styles of story telling?

Some editors are all about what’s trending and what’s selling which is all well and good but not all books have to be one type of formula for a story to be told and if your editor is only pushing one way of how books should be presented then you may want to look for a different editor.

Books have different ways of presenting them, the number one thing to remember is the initial hook. No matter what style of book you read there’s something compelling about it initially that draws you.

The back of the book is the first and foremost thing they will see after the cover.

Second is the first chapter, this is essentially how you are going to get that reader to continue on and read more of that book to the end and ultimately give you that golden ticket, a review.

So this is important in having a good editor to steer your book in the right direction. They need to be knowledgeable and know that everyone has an individual style. What that editors job is to ultimately make that book shine.

I am diving into editing myself now as part of the whole process of publishing books. I have an editor that goes over it again for me to make sure things are perfect.

Remember price, there are so many price points for editors but look for something reasonably priced. At .02 cents per word it can get pricey for an 80000 word book.

But it is worth it. Because we need outside eyes and experience to help these books be worth reading and selling.

If anyone needs any help or direction in writing or help with publishing, I am here to help.

Just send me a email elitelizzardpublishing@hotmail.com

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