The Brick Wall of the Canadian Publishing Company

Why is it so difficult to get published in Canada under a fantasy genre?

I am really awestruck as to how difficult it is to get seen in Canada as a writer and author and now publisher, I have people approaching me and telling me that other places have told them to go get published in the states and if it catches then we will look at you? What?

I am really saddened to hear this. I have had other authors who self-published and even with reviews and sales they are still hitting walls in Canada to get the books in stores and for publishers to want to read them.

What has happened that we are ok with Canadian writers going to the states to go get published because our own is so rigid that it’s like a forcefield to get in?

I am going to investigate it more because this is not right. I haven’t been a publisher long and I’m already seeing people reaching out to me for help. I am proud to be Canadian but why are these walls so high? I’ve gone on other publisher sites and see they don’t even take submissions a lot of them if you don’t have an agent. And even still there are quite a few regulations to be seen.

Well, this publisher is not giving up and I am not going to be one of those who do this. I want people to feel free to publish with me and if I deem your story as something undeniable then how can I turn it away.

I will do my best to get reach and get those books in the stores. I am now a member of the CIBA Canadian Independent Bookstores Association and I will make it my mission to create waves and get these books in shops. One contact at a time.

I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have authors who need changes, heck I need them to cause before I was a publisher I too ended up publishing with a US company for my books. And due to my contracts I am bound to them in some aspects but that does not mean I cannot publish here as of right now and start to creating change.

SO wish me luck! And anyone want to come for the ride I’m here and taking on submissions!

Published by Lizzywhothefunkc

Home site: Home grown from Ontario Canada, a city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan. Always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. As a child, a sponge absorbing the world and all in it, I then became a mother of two. I realized that life is too short not to want to be all the things you dream of. Because of it, I have now decided that nothing is more important than being who you are and loving yourself and all that you do. Discovering things all over through child’s eyes and wonder on my own, I am reborn again and refreshed. Eat breathe sleep art. Kids are inspiring me to discover the new and unchanged part of the creative me now morphing into Lizzywhothefunkc. Pushing to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries of art. Lost in color, lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self-worth down and be someone who reflects only another. Be free, be whom you want to be, most of all be happy. I am and never have been happier than I am right now the present moment. Don’t ever let go of what you think will bring out your soul. A fire has been lit within and I will never put it out again. Headphones on world out, this funky lady is Dj for her own life song.

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