New authors new books

I am so so tickled pink I have given more contracts out for writers to become authors.

I really want young authors too so this contest I’m running for writers is for everyone so I really want to emphasize this point.

Parents if you have young budding writers and they wrote a fantastic story please help them to submit.

Can you imagine the possibilities of young Writers getting the opportunity to be an author? The confidence, the way you can change their whole outlook on life in general.

To give them this or anyone to me to be able to help writers become amazing authors that’s all I want to do. To help people and give them something that a lot of publishing houses wouldn’t even touch because you need an agent and you need to have it all edited and on and on.. it’s ridiculous when there is so much talent out there.

I want to make publishing accessible for people from from any stage and if I can’t help get them published through me I know of USA publishing companies and I can direct them.

So if you are a writer please feel free to submit to my website

I look forward to reading your stories.

Published by Lizzywhothefunkc

Home site: Home grown from Ontario Canada, a city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan. Always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. As a child, a sponge absorbing the world and all in it, I then became a mother of two. I realized that life is too short not to want to be all the things you dream of. Because of it, I have now decided that nothing is more important than being who you are and loving yourself and all that you do. Discovering things all over through child’s eyes and wonder on my own, I am reborn again and refreshed. Eat breathe sleep art. Kids are inspiring me to discover the new and unchanged part of the creative me now morphing into Lizzywhothefunkc. Pushing to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries of art. Lost in color, lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self-worth down and be someone who reflects only another. Be free, be whom you want to be, most of all be happy. I am and never have been happier than I am right now the present moment. Don’t ever let go of what you think will bring out your soul. A fire has been lit within and I will never put it out again. Headphones on world out, this funky lady is Dj for her own life song.

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