Why is this Cat Crazy? book review by Lizy J Campbell

So this is a children’s book and normally I don’t review kids books mainly because I only write them not read them. Long are the days when I read to my little ones. It’s just a precious time in there life to try and instill a love of reading and bond between parents and children.

So in order to get this book the exposure it deserves I am going to critique my own book for the sake of getting more people reading this lovely story.

The book is about my cats one of which is absolutely bonkers and attempts to climb my walls daily and runs around unprovoked like it’s being chased by a dog. Weird I know.

The book took over 4 months to do the illustrations as I wanted to really make the movement of the animals presence really visually appealing.

I have tried new techniques and texture to this book which I haven’t done before either.

The story’s idea basically to tells kids that pets are not always what you thought it would be but no matter what it is a responsibility and now family member so this is a life long commitment.

I tried to make it funny however and didn’t drive it home until the end because I wanted kids to enjoy the silliness of having a pet and even though the adult is befuddled she still realizes how wonderful the animal is and sees that love coming through.

I would encourage anyone with kids to read this book before getting a pet because even though an animal may look all cute and sweet when you get them home they may eat your favorite toy or destroy something you like. So knowing that this is something which is a part of owning an animal will help them be a bit more compassionate toward the animal who just doesn’t know any better.

It’s available everywhere online, so please pick up a copy!

Happy Sunday!

New authors new books

I am so so tickled pink I have given more contracts out for writers to become authors.

I really want young authors too so this contest I’m running for writers is for everyone so I really want to emphasize this point.

Parents if you have young budding writers and they wrote a fantastic story please help them to submit.

Can you imagine the possibilities of young Writers getting the opportunity to be an author? The confidence, the way you can change their whole outlook on life in general.

To give them this or anyone to me to be able to help writers become amazing authors that’s all I want to do. To help people and give them something that a lot of publishing houses wouldn’t even touch because you need an agent and you need to have it all edited and on and on.. it’s ridiculous when there is so much talent out there.

I want to make publishing accessible for people from from any stage and if I can’t help get them published through me I know of USA publishing companies and I can direct them.

So if you are a writer please feel free to submit to my website https://theelitelizzardpublishingcompany.ca/

I look forward to reading your stories.

The Brick Wall of the Canadian Publishing Company

Why is it so difficult to get published in Canada under a fantasy genre?

I am really awestruck as to how difficult it is to get seen in Canada as a writer and author and now publisher, I have people approaching me and telling me that other places have told them to go get published in the states and if it catches then we will look at you? What?

I am really saddened to hear this. I have had other authors who self-published and even with reviews and sales they are still hitting walls in Canada to get the books in stores and for publishers to want to read them.

What has happened that we are ok with Canadian writers going to the states to go get published because our own is so rigid that it’s like a forcefield to get in?

I am going to investigate it more because this is not right. I haven’t been a publisher long and I’m already seeing people reaching out to me for help. I am proud to be Canadian but why are these walls so high? I’ve gone on other publisher sites and see they don’t even take submissions a lot of them if you don’t have an agent. And even still there are quite a few regulations to be seen.

Well, this publisher is not giving up and I am not going to be one of those who do this. I want people to feel free to publish with me and if I deem your story as something undeniable then how can I turn it away.

I will do my best to get reach and get those books in the stores. I am now a member of the CIBA Canadian Independent Bookstores Association and I will make it my mission to create waves and get these books in shops. One contact at a time.

I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have authors who need changes, heck I need them to cause before I was a publisher I too ended up publishing with a US company for my books. And due to my contracts I am bound to them in some aspects but that does not mean I cannot publish here as of right now and start to creating change.

SO wish me luck! And anyone want to come for the ride I’m here and taking on submissions!


Canadian Writers Contest

So I don’t know if I’ve told you or not readers but I am now the new proud owner of a Publishing Company here in Canada.

Yup that’s right I’ve leveled up myself. And now I am building my publishing company by not only helping authors to publish with me but also to self publish if they are so inclined from all over the world. My main target is Canada as I live here and want them first and foremost to succeed.

I only traditional publish with Canadians but if I am presented with a compelling story I can not refuse then that will be out the window lol.

I am also an agent to help authors get into publishing in the United States. So as far as publishers go I make myself pretty flexible to be able to help more people.

I am going to be on Tv locally to talk about the contest this week and really try and connect with everyone here in Canada because this is a Canada-wide Contest.

I am looking for 1000 words or less, it can be funny or talk about life lessons. It can be completely off the wall and it can also be about something more serious. There is no set children’s book theme I am looking for. I really just want to be wowed.

I want it to be amazing, powerful funny and thought-provoking, and not all in that order.

The second prize, the winner will get 50% off of illustrations! That’s a heck of a deal let me tell you. Since illustrations can be pricey.

I have seven freelance illustrators. Some of which are award winners for their work. Only the best for my clients. I stand by my name and we are The Elite Lizzard Publishing Company.

SO if you are a writer, a teen a little kid ( get mom to submit) I want to read them! I do not discriminate. I published a five-year-old with the help of mom of course. But how cool is that? To be a young author, the confidence it builds the way you look at life afterward, the reward of that is phenomenal.

SO START WRITING! I want to see these amazing stories!

Entry fee is $10 and the link is here: https://theelitelizzardpublishingcompany.ca/events